Chiropractic Is Top Choice For Drug-Free Help With Pain

In a report from the Feb. 21, 2002 PRNewswire comes a story of a national telephone survey conducted by Media General Research in December 2001, in which it was revealed that consumers rely most on chiropractic as the number one natural, non-drug choice for most pains and injuries. The survey found for example, that 42 percent of consumers have experienced back pain during the past year. The number one natural choice was chiropractic care. The study also found that of those patients who saw a chiropractor, 91 percent rated their care as “very” or “somewhat” effective.

The study also showed that while sixty percent of consumers said they would go to an MD if they experienced an injury causing pain to their back or neck, about 23 percent said they would go to a chiropractor. This number was more than physical therapists at 7 percent, massage therapists at 4 percent, and acupuncturists at only 1 percent.

While it is a common public belief to associate chiropractic with back and neck pain, the survey also showed another area that is becoming more recognized by the general public when it comes to choosing chiropractic care and that area is the care of headaches. Although using drugs is still the most commonly used treatment for those who had experienced headaches in the past year, the second most popular choice of care for headache sufferers was chiropractic care.

The report also noted that in 1998, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that chiropractic was the most frequently used drug-free treatment. Additionally the report mentioned that Chiropractic has been practiced in the United States for more than 100 years, and more than 3 million people visit one of the 60,000 chiropractors in the country every year.