Chiropractic for Power Lifters

At Holmes Chiropractic we provide treatments that not only help those who are more advanced in age as well as our injured patients, our treatments are also extremely beneficial for high-performance athletes, especially powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Many of our patients classify themselves as those who get after it more than the average individual, which is why we stress having an effective active recovery routine, which includes stretching, proper diet, sleep, and even chiropractic treatment.

One simple chiropractic adjustment can improve your mood and help you get a better night of sleep, which will make you more effective in the weight room, to be certain.

A series of adjustments will help correct your posture and deal with any underlying issues, which can be causing you muscle tension, not to mention damaging your range of motion and flexibility, which can end up being seriously compromised as you acquire size, mass, and hit the weights harder each session. 

Not to mention, after a chiropractic adjustment, your body will start to feel amazing — and feeling good is good enough, isn’t it? Especially when you’re engaged in pushing your body to physical exertion multiple times per week.

We’ll see you after you hit the weight room over here at Holmes Chiropractic, where we have a long track record of helping patients just like you!