Chiropractic for Arthritis

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. A term that covers more than 100 types of conditions relating to inflammation of the joints, it is responsible for more lost productivity and income than any other condition befalling a person of comparable age. And arthritis prevalence is on the rise: the CDC projects that by 2040, up to 78 million people will be afflicted by one form of doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Long thought of as a disease of the elderly, arthritis is starting to affect people earlier and more often: 2/3 of diagnosed arthritis cases belong to people between the ages of 18 and 65. 

We help sufferers of arthritis come to grips with their condition and demonstrate how a proactive approach to the management of the condition can help you live happily despite the pain:

  • Routine spinal adjustments are beneficial because they help inhibit the body’s production of inflammatory cytokines. 
  • Spinal adjustments also help improve range of motion, helping you to get moving which also improves symptoms. 
  • Nutrition is a large consideration: ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids help limit the body’s inflammatory response. 
  • Purposeful exercise and stretching can help improve circulation and limit inflammation. 

Whether it is due to deskbound jobs, long hours at the computer and cell phone addiction, it is clear that arthritis has become epidemic. While the statistics don’t look great and there is no clear cure as of yet, chiropractic offers reprieve from the pain and stiffness that comes with the different types of arthritis.