Caffeine’s Addictive Capacities Create Headaches

Caffeine is a crutch for the 21st century civilian.

Speedy lifestyles and the demands of a job frequently call for the individual to produce more per hour, adding stress that interferes with their sleep patterns and leaves them reaching for espresso the next morning. A frequent byproduct of this turbulent cycle is the chronic headache that can accrue from a body’s dependence on caffeine.

The dreaded coffee withdrawal

Caffeine is not inherently bad for you: in fact, some over the counter pain relievers include small amounts of caffeine. But when you are drinking around 2 cups of coffee a day, (for an average of 200 mg/day), your body becomes reliant upon this amount of caffeine to dilate blood vessels in the brain. This makes quitting coffee a difficult and often painful proposition: cutting it out completely leaves your blood vessels constricted, causing painful headaches. A tapering off is therefore more advisable: slow, steady withdrawal as opposed to full stop. Drinking half-calf or liquids with lower levels of caffeine such as green tea is a healthy, tasty way to slowly wean yourself off of caffeine dependence. 

Stop suffering from daily headaches

For sufferers of daily headaches, the ideal daily caffeine intake is low. But if your life requires an extra edge, we hope that we can provide you with the knowledge that will weaken the prevalence of daily headaches. At Holmes Chiropractic, we are involved in your health from a holistic angle: if headaches from caffeine dependence are getting in the way of your overall well-being, they are something that should be taken seriously. With our hands-on approach to health, we help you attain relaxation from life’s many rigours and keep your body in good shape so that the mind will keep swinging. Nutrition plays a large role in the frequency and severity of headaches: learning how to manage your diet to manage your head pain is something that we can help you with.