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Activity Makes for a Healthier Pregnancy

Activity is the key to mitigating discomfort during pregnancy

Let’s face it: pregnancy is going to be uncomfortable. With your body undergoing enormous changes at a rapid clip, there is bound to be periods of pronounced pain, nausea and distress. It’s in your best interest to do everything in your power to keep these circumstances at a minimum. One way you can do this is through exercise: staying active contributes to more physical and emotional balance. At Holmes Chiropractic, we have decades of experience using chiropractic modalities to help women achieve a more comfortable, more successful pregnancy with fewer complications during childbirth. But the work doesn’t stop once you leave our office! Read on to discover some simple, yet profound, ways to stay active during pregnancy

Don’t underestimate the simple activity

Walking, for example, is a gentle activity that tones muscles, reduces tension and reinforces joints that will otherwise suffer from lack of activity. Gardening, grocery shopping, taking the stairs, gentle dancing; all of these activities count toward your daily minimum of activity! We usually advise pregnant women to take on a lighter activity schedule, incorporating between 20-30 minutes of continuous exercise about three times a week. 

Stay moving for a healthier pregnancy

Always choose low-impact exercise. Joining a pregnancy-specific yoga group is a great way to get involved with other mothers-to-be that will help you stay accountable for keeping yourself fit. The important thing is to recognize and acknowledge your pain and discomfort and then choose to do something about it. If you need help getting motivated, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.