5 Easy Life Hacks for Higher Levels of Wellness

When it comes down to it, all many of us need are just a couple of little tweaks to start experiencing a more healthy, disciplined lifestyle. Holmes Chiropractic is constantly staying up to date on best practices and the latest breakthroughs when it comes to diet, fitness, injury rehabilitation, human optimization, and even injury prevention.

Below we go over a few simple life hacks that will help boost your levels of wellness and boost your productivity.

1.) Sleep at Least 7 Hours

Get rid of that idea that sleeping is for suckers. It’s actually quite the opposite, as lack of sleep and insomnia and linked to obesity, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s Disease. Sleeping at least 7 hours on a nightly basis with help make sure your brain and body rid itself of toxins and get the rest they need to start over the next day.

2.) Eat Smaller Portions

Instead of going in for the kill each time you sit down to eat, make smaller portions. Try to fast for 12-16 hours daily for an extra energy and focus boost.

3.) Shop on the Periphery of the Grocery Store

Make sure that most of your purchases are clean proteins and veggies, which usually reside on the two far sides of the grocery store. Stay away from the sugary, processed-carb-heavy foods in between the good stuff.

4.) Push Yourself

Make yourself learn a new sport or skill, whether that be MMA, basketball, archery, or anything else under the sun. It’s good for you to start out poor at something and build your way up to excellence.

5.) See Your Chiropractor Regularly

Seeing the chiropractor is a great injury prevention and injury treatment method which is fantastic for the joints, the back, spine, neck, and more. Chiropractic adjustments also help neuro functionality and has even been shown to help reduce your chances of getting serious diseases down the road, too.

If you have any questions about what you can do to achieve higher levels of wellness, contact Holmes Chiropractic today.