3 Simple Rules for Effective Stretching

Stretching is just as important as your workout routine when it comes to body maintenance and overall wellness. Day-to-day life really has a way of cramping our style, physically speaking, anyway.

That desk job and that commute to work aren’t helping either. And it’s likely that whatever you do on the daily has some sort of negative effect on your back, neck, joints, or more.

Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few simple rules for stretching successfully.

1.) Hold Your Stretches

Hold your stretches for at least half a minute or more. Do not bounce during your stretch, but instead try to control your position for optimum effect.

2.) Don’t Hold Your Breath

Breathe deeply while you stretch and in oceanic rhythms, which will assist you in getting a deeper stretch. It will feel amazing to also get fresh oxygen into areas of the body that haven’t had it in a while.

3.) Don’t Push it Too Hard

You may feel the need to push it hard during your stretching to achieve maximum results, but it’s better to err on the side of caution, especially as we advance in age.

If you have any questions about how stretching will help you be more active and productive, not to mention how our treatments will help you get healthier, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn more.