3 Amazing Mindfulness Exercises

When it comes to mindfulness, it’s something we should all be practicing more every day. As we continue to live in a world where most of us are staying at home and limiting our contact with others, it’s a good time to turn things inward and check-in with yourself.

Below, Holmes Chiropractic Goes over a few ways to exercise your mind during this time.

1.) Meditation

Sit down and try to think of nothing for 10 minutes… every day. That’s pretty much what meditation is. Sit down with your back straight. Maintain good posture and focus on your breathing. If you have an invasive thought, identify it and let it drift on down the stream of consciousness. Initially, you’ll probably find yourself thinking quite a bit. As time goes on and as your practice strengthens, you’ll find yourself thinking of nothing more and more, which is the idea! Proper meditation is like a power nap for the brain, you’ll find yourself coming out of your session refreshed and ready to carry on with your day in a positive way.

2.) Thinking of Others

We tend to think of ourselves all the time, plain and simple. The more time you can spend thinking of someone else, the less narcissistic you will be yourself. Apart from your meditation practice, it can be nice to close your eyes and close the distance between yourself and a loved one. During your meditation, you can even invite people who you’ve loved and loss to sit with you. You’ll be surprised how much of a spiritual presence you’ll start to feel. The truth is, the love we share with others is not completely contingent upon them being there in the flesh. It’s beneficial to explore keeping these connections strong.

3.) Reading Something Difficult

As the last two modes of mindfulness are more easygoing, balancing these practices out with exercising the mind more rigorously might serve you well. Read a difficult book that requires concentration and thought. Do this for 30 minutes to an hour each day to strengthen and expand your mind.

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