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The debate over modern diets is a smokescreen

So much of the debate centers around carbs, proteins, and fat. And while balancing this energy-providing triad is of crucial importance, it is only a starting point for a truly balanced diet. If you suffer with chronic back pain, then dietary balance is one of the best ways you can provide for your body on a daily basis. A plant-based diet that includes plenty of phytonutrients is a good option for anyone suffering with back pain. 

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The holidays shouldn't be a stressful time of year

Yet for many of us they are- the pressures of money and social commitments on top of an already overburdened schedule can push us to the tipping point. If this describes you, and you want to prevent yourself from tipping, the only response is to take control of stress reduction. There are many ways to do this- one of our favorites is a tech break. Phones, computers and tablets seem so necessary in today's society. But there was a time not long ago when these devices plaid zero role in our lives! And who can say whether we were worse off. While we would never suggest ditching your devices completely, you can manage your screen time more effectively. 

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Excuses are over

Chances are this post finds you slouching in your chair trying to relieve stiffness that has come from sitting upright in your chair. And while it may feel good in the moment, this is the wrong way to go about things. "But its human nature to seek comfort!" I hear you arguing- to which I have more than a few refutations. To begin with, sitting is not human nature- we were made bipedal for a reason and that was to make us more effective movers. By not moving for 10 hours a day, your body and spine are adjusting to a "new normal," that is anything but good for you. 

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Many people buy into the notion of a "magic cure"

Whether it be an aggressive treatment like spinal surgery, or a more conservative one like chiropractic, many people believe that seeking treatment for their back pain will simply make it go away. But when it comes to spinal conditions, there is no panacea or magic bullet. To begin with, pain is a symptom and not a condition; chronic back pain is often linked to a complex network of causative factors that resist even the most vigorous treatment. 

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Osteoporosis requires proactive care

This disease, most prevalent in our elderly population, is characterized by weakness in the bones which leaves them vulnerable to partial or total breakage. The first step is diagnosing the problem: many people won't find out they have osteoporosis until they've broken a bone. If you suspect you may have osteoporosis, your PCP may need to order a bone density scan which will give use key indicators regarding your bone mineral density. If we determine that you have osteoporosis, it's time to start being proactive about your condition. 

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Don't let your vacation be remembered for back pain and discomfort

If you have a pre-existing spinal condition, chances are that the thought of being in transit doesn't fill you with joy. The hours of sitting, lack of activity, lack of sleep, and changes in dietary and hydration patterns all conspire to leave your spine in a stiffer and more vulnerable condition. But rather than accepting this lying down, you need to be all the more proactive about taking care of your beleaguered back. 

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