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Chiropractic is a health care system

Traditionally, spinal adjustment (or manipulation) was the bread and butter of the chiropractor’s office. Our form of healthcare believes that the function of your spine informs the way your body feels. Thus, chiropractic adjustment, which seeks to maintain alignment of the spine and proper functioning of the nervous system, is a central modality for maintaining wellness and keeping pain at bay. However, chiropractic is far from stuck in the past; in fact, it is a truly modern healthcare system that moves with the times. Given factors that include an aging population, a more sedentary workforce, and the ubiquity of less active forms of entertainment, we are treating more people than ever who are suffering from premature degeneration of the spine. The domino effect that this causes in terms of overall health is exactly why chiropractic care is more important than ever.

Spinal mobility

A frequent complaint: lack of mobility in the spine 

While the upper and lower segments of the spine are designated regions of stability, the middle region, also known as the thoracic spine, is designated as a mobile region. The spinal motion segments in this part of the back are specially engineered for rotation, flexion and extension. In the sense of your spine, movement begets mobility; you need to keep your spine mobile to maintain its mobility. Thoracic spinal mobility has important implications in the functioning of the upper and lower body, and thus maintaining its mobility is of vital importance. Unfortunately, many of the people we help at Holmes Chiropractic come in and exhibit signs of poor mobility in the spine. Poor spinal mobility affects us in myriad ways: 

  • Restricted range of motion 
  • Uneven development of supporting musculature
  • Lack of coordination between moving parts of the body
  • Communication breakdown along a vital pathway of the nervous system

Chiropractor houston

2018 is the year to proactively fight for your health 

Many of us enter each new year with nagging concerns over our health- a sore back, a growing midsection, more fatigue, less happiness. Each new year, we resolve to do something about it and for a month or so we hold on to this vague newfangled desire for something better. Yet after a few months our resolve weakens and we slip into the same patterns and habits that let us down in the first place. So what’s going to change this year? Having help on your side. Read on to find out how Holmes Chiropractic is your ally in wellness.

Hydration houston

How bad do you really need caffeine?

Here’s a classic paradox of American society: while some health experts estimate that as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, caffeine consumption is on the rise. We are literally ignorning the one ingredient that nourishes every cell in our body while consistently stimulating our central nervous system with a psychoactive drug. In other words, we are ignoring natural energy and choosing fabricated energy. And the list of side-effects that caffeine consumption continues to grow:

  • Contributes to sleep disorders
  • Stomach irritation
  • Headaches due to dependency
  • Restlessness, nervousness and anxiety
  • Can worsen symptoms of a number of conditions including diabetes, epilepsy and glaucoma 
  • Contributes to acclerated bone loss by increasing the amount of calcium that is disposed of through urine. 

The fact is that everyone’s body interacts with caffeine differently. And while only you know if you are drinking too much caffeine on a daily basis, it is worth asking if you are drinking enough water. H2O, when properly consumed, can also boost energy and may actually help you perform even better than caffeine. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel is a workplace concern

Carpal tunnel is classic repetitive strain. Office workers spend a significant percentage of their life in front of computers; often the only active parts of the body are the hands and fingers. As more jobs shift into white-collar office scenarios, it's conceivable that this problem will grow unless we take preventative action. Already, as much as 5% of the working population is thought to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Chiropractor houston

How easy is your body to ignore?

Drinking water, stretching regularly, remembering to exercise; in this busy world of ours, our healthy habits are often the first to fly out the window. Our smart phones, in the interest of optimizing our lives, notify us when it's time to take a break from the computer, replenish our hydration or get up and stretch; it can lead us in these activities and keep track of our progress. In short, we can absolve ourselves of the responsibility of listening to our bodies. But the question is, if you were already ignoring your body to begin with, can't you just as easily ignore a cell phone? 

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