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During your recovery days it's tempting to sit back and relax. Some of us might even end up cacthing up on entire seasons of TV shows, streaming while maybe not sticking to our healthy diets, and most likely not taking full advantage of daylight hours.

Below are a few ways to make your recovery days a little more active.

Do Yoga

Taking a yoga class or building your very own yoga practice at home is a great idea to help reduce overall wear and tear your body experiences on your active days. Yoga helps your joints and muscles, not to mentions strikes the perfect mind/body balance.

Go Outside

Shoot some hoops or take that nature hike you've been meaning to take. You won't need to get too strenuous, but simply getting outdoors will make you feel good and feel like you've gotten something done on your off day.

Visit Your Chiropractor in Houston, TX

Going to the chiropractor on your off day is a great idea because you'll be giving your body pain-relief, not to mention increase your range of motion and flexibility. You'll also glean countless benefits from chiropractic care, from physical to neurological.

Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your chiropractic consultation.

Advanced Biostructural Chiropractic has to do with restoring the spine, giving it the structure it was meant to have all along. ABC is effective in a way that other chiropractic techniques due to its enhanced immediacy and its progressive nature, meaning your spine will get better and better over time.

Feel Better After Just One Adjustment!

You'll start to feel a difference after your very first adjustment. Your body will feel more balanced, light, centered, almost like you're floating.

The Intricacies of ABC

If your vertebra gets pushed forward, there are no muscles that can pull your vertebra back to the center as there are on the sides of your body. So any sort of trauma that pushed your vertebra forward could be lingering with you still. 

ABC is a cutting-edge system that analyzes and adjusts your spine and body over time. ABC inspires the body to recover, release, and unwind from previous injuries or distortions. First, we'll check and release tension trapped in the meningeal system. We then gently adjust stuck-forward vertebrae (anterior), allowing the spine to unwind itself backward in a more posterior and normalized direction again.

Expert Chiropractor in Houston, TX

If you have any questions about ABC, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.

Patients going through pregnancy have very specific reasons to explore chiropractic care during all stages of pregnancy. Below Holmes Chiropractic discusses some of the ways that chiropractic adjustments can help facilitate a smoother, more successful pregnancy and labor process.

Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

The fact that your body changes during pregnancy is something you cannot avoid, but something you can take measures to address. Your back and spine can become seriously out of whack as you're forced to haul around another life. Chiropractic adjustments will help provide posture correction, not to mention provide drug-free, all-natural pain management solutions that are good for you and your baby.

Improve Cognitive Function

It's pretty common for pregnant patients to feel anxiety during their process, and chiropractic care is the perfect antidote to boost mood and have you firing on all mental cylinders when you need it the most.

Improve Labor and Delivery Time

Chiropractic treatments help loosen the body up, which has been shown to improve overall labor time and reduce delivery time as well.

If you have any additional questions about the efficacy of chiropractic care during pregnancy, contact Holmes Chiropractic today.

Proper lifting technique is an important precaution to take, especially considering that 80% of human beings on the planet will experience some sort of back pain during their lifetime. Back injuries are common in the workplace, too, and many of them come as a result of failing to utilize proper lifting technique.

When lifting heavy objects, both at work and at play, please try to take some of the measures we list below. 

Keep a Wide Base

Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Ideally, you'll also have one foot slightly ahead of the other, to establish a good, sturdy foundation before you lift.

Lift with Your Legs

Never lift with your back. Always squat down to lift a heavy object, remembering to put all of the pressure on your legs.

Keep Your Head Up and Maintain Good Posture

When lifting, keep your head up, looking straight ahead, and make sure that your back is straight. As an extra measure, make sure that you carry whatever you're lifting close to your body to avoid back injury.

If you have any questions about how you can practice perfect lifting technique, or if you experience a back injury at work or outside of work, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation. 

Did you know that chiropractic care offers immense benefits beyond simple back repair and injury treatment?

It's true! When you come in for a chiropractic adjustment you are opening your life up to a whole new chapter when it comes to your overall wellness. Below Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few of the lesser known benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Improve Mood and Reduce Depression

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to increase mental clarity, boost mood, and reduce overall anxiety and depression in many patients. There is an undeniable connection between your spine and your brain, and when your spine gets out of whack, all sorts of problems can occur.

Boost Gut Health

Your gut is connected to your brain just like your spine is. When your GI tract is out of whack, chiropractic adjustments might do the trick to bring back your inner balance.

Boost Your Immune System

Chiropractic care has also been shown to boost your immune system. Think of chiropractic adjustments as your body's "tune-up," bringing back equilibrium, helping all of your body's important processes perform at optimum capacity.

If you have any addtional questions about how chiropractic care can benefit you, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.

At Holmes Chiropractic many of our patients seek treatment for back and neck injuries, but we also see patients who experience leg injuries as well. Chiropractic care treatments have been shown to be beneficial to the body in numerous ways, a drug-free pain management solution and a means of correcting your body when it's all out of whack.

Many of our patients experience back injuries while engaged in athletics, but knee injuries are also extremely prevalent in sports.

Below are some of the sports where athletes commonly experience knee injuries.


If a player gets injured on the court, chances are it's going to be the player's knee, leg, or ankle. We've seen players tear their ACL and MCL, not to mention snap their Achilles tendon. We've even seen players break their shins from the wear and tear of running, jumping, and landing.

Karate/MMA/Muay Thai

Combat sports are also super hard on the knees. Many kickboxing, karate, and MMA champions have experienced knee surgeries as a result of the repetitive motion of kicking, not to mention leglocks and grappling.


Football's open field running and tackling leave your legs and knees especially susceptible to injury.

If you have any questions about how chiropractic treatments can benefit the body and mind, contact Holmes Chiropractic today. We have a long track record of treating both athletes and regular working folks.

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