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Osteoporosis requires proactive care

This disease, most prevalent in our elderly population, is characterized by weakness in the bones which leaves them vulnerable to partial or total breakage. The first step is diagnosing the problem: many people won't find out they have osteoporosis until they've broken a bone. If you suspect you may have osteoporosis, your PCP may need to order a bone density scan which will give use key indicators regarding your bone mineral density. If we determine that you have osteoporosis, it's time to start being proactive about your condition. 

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Don't let your vacation be remembered for back pain and discomfort

If you have a pre-existing spinal condition, chances are that the thought of being in transit doesn't fill you with joy. The hours of sitting, lack of activity, lack of sleep, and changes in dietary and hydration patterns all conspire to leave your spine in a stiffer and more vulnerable condition. But rather than accepting this lying down, you need to be all the more proactive about taking care of your beleaguered back. 

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Muscle strains and sprains: painful, but preventable

Muscle strains and sprains are among the most common back injuries in our adult population. Symptoms include dull aching, stiffness and tenderness and indicate that soft tissues in the back have become overstretched. While the pain remains localized, it will feel better when resting and worse when in motion. The typical progression of a strain or sprain will involve a continuance of symptoms with the addition of inflammation; most injuries resolve themselves in a matter of days to weeks. And while they are low on the scale of severity, and respond well to treatment, they can give us indicators into the overall state of your back and spinal health.

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Lifting causes more injuries than most other basic motions in human life

But the vast majority of these injuries are entirely avoidable. They stem from the fact that we ignore our time-honored advice of lifting with our legs and hips and instead lift with the back. This overloads the tendons and ligaments which support the spine, and are not designed to bear heavy loads. The muscles or your legs are much more adept at propelling themselves while bearing weight. Whether you are moving houses, lifting a box of paper, or a child, you need to be mindful about this motion! If the object is on the floor 

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Back pain does not mean the end of the weight room for you

Weight lifting is a boon for people with back pain- when done correctly, it increases the ability of your muscles to support your spine, makes you less injury prone and improves function across the board. Strength is a critical piece of wellness that benefits back pain sufferers no end. There is a balance, however; you must always maintain awareness of the state of your spine and its capacity for weight-bearing activities. For this reason, if you are balancing back pain and weight lifting, it is critical that you receive an examination by a primary care provider or spinal health care specialist such as a chiropractor. We are trained, qualified, and vastly experienced in helping weight lifters determine an appropriate amount of activity based on a diagnostic picture of their spine. 

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You won't even have to get out of bed for this one

It's no wonder that many of us find that our first inclination upon waking is to stretch; as adults, most of us are feeling stiffness in some part of the body in the morning, and all of us have our techniques for dealing with it. It probably won't surprise you to know that the majority of us choose to do nothing about it. And as we busy ourselves with the activities of the day, the stiffness seems to fade into the background. But rest assured, it is has not disappeared; most likely, it is getting worse, but your body and brain are good at masking the stiffness and distracting you from thinking about it. So before this insidious situation sets in, choose to do something about it by having a 3 minutes stretching session before you get out of bed. 

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