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Let's talk about your weight

At our office in Holmes Chiropractic, education is a part of our mission, and education about weight is something that not everyone is willing to listen to with an open ear. But here's the thing: maybe you aren't getting the facts straight from your other doctors. While traditional medicine treats the symptoms of obesity (blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems) with medication, it leaves the individual short of options for real effective weight management. We believe in the power of your target weight and we will help you do whatever it takes to lower and maintain a healthy target weight that does not overly burden your spine. 

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When musculoskeletal pain becomes chronic

Chronic pain is defined as lasting for three months or more. The causes of chronic pain are varied, as they can evolve out of an acute injury, or develop as a symptom of an autoimmune disorders. Quite often, chronic pain is an accompaniment of the natural spinal degeneration that comes with aging. As we get older, the vertebrae, joints and discs of our spines become more susceptible to wear and tear; when you combine this with the loss of muscle that naturally occurs with age, you have the perfect recipe for a weakened spine that causes you a lot of discomfort. With an aging population in America, chronic pain is on the rise, and it is wreaking havoc with the wellbeing of our citizens.

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It is important to identify the cause of your sore back after an exercise

Feeling slight pain after exercise is usually a good sign- a positive indicator that you made demands on your muscle and that they are rising to meet the task and grow. But there is a line that can be crossed and it is important to know when you cross it. Normal, manageable muscle soreness post-workout is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness- as long as it remains low-grade, there should be nothing to worry about. But it is important to know when post-workout pain is abnormal. This blog will give you some signs to look out for so that you don't push yourself too far. 

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The coincidence of biking and back pain

Why does an activity that brings joy and boosts health also cause back pain? The answer lies in the mechanical nature of the sport; and this is particularly prevalent because back pain can strike any biker at any age. In fact, at our office in Houston, we are seeing more young bikers than ever coming in complaining of back pain. These perfectly fit, regularly active individuals are experiencing back pain from a sport that is supposed to be helping prevent it. Let's identify the most important factors for preventing back pain on a bike.

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What will it take to get you drinking your daily ration of water?

Why do we like to make life so complicated? We know the things that will help us live well, yet we ignore them in pursuit of easier, tastier alternatives. Case-in-point: water. Most people now are aware of the importance of hydrating for all of the body’s vital processes. And yet many people forego water and choose sugar-laden drinks like soda and juice, or caffeine and fat-laden drinks like tea and coffee for their daily fluid intake. While these liquids do hydrate, they also come with side-effects that derive from the sugar and fat content. Let’s take a look at the importance of water through a spinal health perspective.

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Preventing scar tissue accumulation and improving muscle mobility

Deep friction massage is a powerful technique that allows us to heal injuries in an effective manner. This is a technique that seeks to maximize mobility in a ligament and tendon, prevent scar tissue adhesion and get you back to exercising as quickly as possible. Deep friction massage, also known as transverse friction massage, helps the athlete:

  • Get over pain
  • Prevent scar tissue adhesion 
  • Regenerate healthy connective tissue
  • Increase circulation

Sports injuries often involve ligament or tendon damage- even the smallest injury can hamper performance or keep you on the sideline indefinitely. Our goal is to combine modalities, including deep friction massage to give your body the best chance of healing quickly. 

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