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If you've never heard of tech neck, it's likely that you may have experienced it at some point or another without being aware of its name. As you can probably guess, Tech Neck has to do with problems and pains that occur in the neck area due to the technology devices we use every day, which include our smartphones, our computer screens, and our television screens as well.

Mostly, tech neck gets alleviated by smartphone use, since we all tend to keep our phones at about hip level, craning our heads downward in order to view texts, video, etc.

Doing this every day takes a serious toll on your neck. But there are ways you can counteract the effects of tech neck and restore full mobility in your neck, not to mention get rid of any pain or discomfort you're experiencing the drug-free way.

First, try to limit your screen time, both when it comes to your phone and your computer/TV screen. Try to look upward whenever possible in order to counteract any lingering tech neck.

Take a yoga class, which will end up increasing your range of motion, not to mention make your neck and surrounding areas feel great.

Lastly, chiropractic treatment is also a great way to counteract tech neck. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn more about how our treatments help get the very best out of our patients.

Having excellent posture is not something that happens overnight or instantaneously. It's an active process, which might include addressing some bad habits, not to mention holding yourself accountable to sitting and standing up with your spine in alignment and your head looking straight forward a large majority of the time. This is easier said than done due to the fact that we live with devices that make it easy to crane our necks, slouch, or worse.

Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few reasons why you should care about posture and how it fits in to your overall health.

Keeping the Passageways Open

If you're using poor posture, slouching your back, and craning your neck downward, this can really mess with your sinuses and your respiratory system, which can really affect your breathing and oxygen intake, which will have health consequences. Keeping good posture and stretching will open up your passageways.

Your Spine Health is Important!

Keeping your spine in line is important and spine misalignment can cause headaches, tension, numbness, pain, and more. Many of our body's most important processes are deeply connected to the spine and our body's alignment, such as our immune system, or GI system, and our central nervous system.

Good Posture Keeps You in the Game

When you incorporate good posture you're engaging your core and building strength in your body while at the same time avoiding the wear and tear that comes along with breaking your posture. Posture is hugely important when it comes to balance as well, which you pretty much need for any sport.

Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how our treatments can help you improve your health and posture.

Chiropractic treatment in Houston, TX has more to do with just physical rehabilitation and drug-free pain relief. Chiropractic treatments actually help top-level athletes maintain their bodies and also counts as an effective form of active recovery. 

Basketball players actually stand to gain a tremendous amount of benefits from pursuing chiropractic treatment.

First off, chiropractic adjustments can help with low back pain, which is a common problem for basketball players, since they spend so much time running and jumping up and down on the hardwood floors.

Basketball is also tremendously abusive to your joints, so it's a good idea to pair chiropractic treatment with your practice, which will help increase mobility, improve range of motion, and boost flexibility -- which will help make you more effective on the court.

Chiropractic treatment also offers a serious brain boost that the medical industry is only now starting to truly comprehend. Your spine is inextricably linked to your central nervous system. One simple chiropractic adjustment will have your brain and body connecting better, and firing on all cylinders.

If you have any questions about how our treatments are helping patients of all ages and from all walks of life, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.

Stretching is just as important as your workout routine when it comes to body maintenance and overall wellness. Day-to-day life really has a way of cramping our style, physically speaking, anyway.

That desk job and that commute to work aren't helping either. And it's likely that whatever you do on the daily has some sort of negative effect on your back, neck, joints, or more.

Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few simple rules for stretching successfully.

1.) Hold Your Stretches

Hold your stretches for at least half a minute or more. Do not bounce during your stretch, but instead try to control your position for optimum effect.

2.) Don't Hold Your Breath

Breathe deeply while you stretch and in oceanic rhythms, which will assist you in getting a deeper stretch. It will feel amazing to also get fresh oxygen into areas of the body that haven't had it in a while.

3.) Don't Push it Too Hard

You may feel the need to push it hard during your stretching to achieve maximum results, but it's better to err on the side of caution, especially as we advance in age.

If you have any questions about how stretching will help you be more active and productive, not to mention how our treatments will help you get healthier, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn more.

It's no secret that kickboxing is great cardio, which is why so many top-level athletes pursue it as a form of exercise. Basketball players, track athletes, and MMA fighters all engage in kickboxing, which has some serious consequences for the body.

Think about it, just throwing a kick requires use of the spine and puts some serious wear and tear on your joints.

That's why chiropractic treatment is an excellent form of active recovery for kickboxers since it helps correct any misalignments that can and will occur in the spine while throwing those picture-perfect, rib-splitting body kicks. 

Chiropractic treatment will also increase your range of motion, which will help you obtain increased flexibility, which will help you as you unlock new moves and include them in your kickboxing repertoire. 

One simple chiropractic adjustment will also help you get more restful sleep at night, which is when your body repairs itself from your rigorous training regiment.

If you have any questions about how our treatments can help you in your training, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn more. 

When it comes to taking care of yourself, it's an incredibly important thing, especially when it comes to saving yourself time, pain, and suffering down the road. We eat well and try to exercise, hydrate, and get restful sleep in order to set ourselves up for success for the long haul.

One way you can save yourself a lot of money down the road is through Chiropractic Treatment.

1.) Chiropractic Adjustments

Visiting your local chiropractic care specialist will help improve your posture, provide drug-free pain relief, not to mention help you get a better night of sleep. All of these things will help optimize your health on a daily basis. Chiropractic adjustments might even help save you money down the road that you might spend on treatment for health conditions, or missed days at work.

2.) Eating Clean, Whole Foods

Eating clean, whole foods will ensure your body has the fuel it needs to carry you throughout any day's activities. Once you start to eat good clean fuel, your body will also start to crave it! Thinking nutritionally will help ensure we're healthy year-round.

3.) Exercise / Decompression

Having a consistent exercise protocol as well as an active recovery plan will keep your body in shape and help you enjoy mobility for the long haul, which will help save you money on medical expenses and injuries down the road.

Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn how our treatments can help make your life... BETTER.

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