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With so much focus on how to workout, we need to make sure we aren't working out the wrong way! 

For many of us, working out is the first part of our routine to go out the window. Outside of work, working out is the activity that requires the most energy input and therefore it is the easiest to set aside on a day when you are feeling lazy. Let's change our attitudes toward working out and avoid these common mistakes.

Are you actively practicing any of these workout pitfalls? 

  • Working out for the mirror: mirror muscles are chests, shoulders, abs, biceps, triceps and traps; the ones that make you look great. Looking great is a part of feeling good, but by focusing on only these muscles, you are foregoing the strengthening of muscles that matter for the longevity of your body. 
  • Working out is a chore: if you dread the hour of your day you have carved out for working out, chances are you are due for a change of activity. Focus on muscle building and cardio conditioning activities that you actually enjoy. 
  • Taking short cuts on your warm up: This is the most important part of your work out. If you are going to take short cuts, make them in the actual exercise. Falling short on the warm up leaves you susceptible to injury and actually harms your chances of building muscle effectively. 
  • Cardio before strength training: choosing cardio first can sap your energy levels that you need for muscle building. Try alternating days between the two or doing cardio after weights. 
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When it comes to spinal health, posture is king

Unless you are constantly changing your position throughout the day, you are likely to settle in to some kind of posture that is putting undue pressure on some part of the body. Because "proper posture" involves a lot of positioning of the upper body, slumping and slouching causes a lot of the problems to filter down to the lower back, which is responsible for bearing the weight of the upper body. Read on to find out how you can make "good posture," second nature. 

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Finding your ideal target weight

Chiropractic and weight loss are two subjects that overlap and influence one another. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the daily burden on the spine and prevents many of the deleterious spinal conditions that come with age and natural wear and tear, considerably increasing the efficacy of chiropractic treatment. But how does chiropractic influence weight loss? Chances are, you are already aware of an ideal target weight. But getting yourself there can feel overwhelming- where to start? 

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Flexibility and range of motion are the first things to go with age. When we are young, we take everything for granted: how could tying your shoelace cause you pain? As we grow older, seemingly harmless motions can contribute to a vicious cycle of pain. While pain limits motion, limited motion can lead to injury, and this is a cycle that many Americans are led into by jobs that require long hours in front of the computer. At Holmes Chiropractic, we want you to rediscover the joys of having a full range of motion Below are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy from a more flexible body:

  1. Confidence that regular motion will not create pain. 
  2. Better athletic performance
  3. Better posture
  4. Longer connective tissues and muscles
  5. Prevention of injury

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Sleep is a fickle friend

There are so many barriers to sleep: internal and external stressors, physical and mental disturbances and chemical imbalances all play a part in keeping us from getting the sleep we deserve. But sleep is so essential to our experience that we cannot simply accept lack of sleep and get on with it. Poor sleep health is linked to depression, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and a host of other maladies. At Holmes Chiropractic, we are making a better night's sleep a priority for the Houston community. We know that more quality sleep makes life easier. It helps with:

  • Mental acuity
  • Improved immune functioning
  • Better memory
  • Perform better physically
  • Improved digestion
  • Lowers the risk of early death.


Caffeine is a crutch for the 21st century civilian.

Speedy lifestyles and the demands of a job frequently call for the individual to produce more per hour, adding stress that interferes with their sleep patterns and leaves them reaching for espresso the next morning. A frequent byproduct of this turbulent cycle is the chronic headache that can accrue from a body's dependence on caffeine.

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